•Please pray for each of the prayer requests immediately on receiving it.

•Write it down and read it back to the person calling so you have the right details, then call the next person on the list. If they don’t answer, call the next one, and so on, until you get someone.

•If you get a machine, leave a message, but also call the next person on the chain.

•Please, don’t stop the chain! Some requests are urgent and need to be prayed for immediately. Call the people you missed later.

•Keep the requests as short as possible, so there will be less chance of passing it on to others incorrectly.

•Thank you for praying!


Vonnie Seaberg 218-847-0519

Pastor Tim Rice 218-849-5968

Verda Erb 218-844-8281

Allan & Robbie Schoenberger 218-439-7209

Miriam McIntire 218-234-5632

Judy Thompson 218-844-6304

Jann Hawkins 218-847-2401
(November-March) 520-868-4941

Elaine Taylor 218-847-2779 (cell 850-1400)

Sally Stiele 763-639-4641

Trudy Casto 218-694-2968

Glennis Dixon 218-846-9510

Wendy Gordon 218-234-7438

Doug Johnston 218-847-1455

Text Messaging:Pastor Tim Rice 218-849-5968

rev. 7/2017